Does anyone know the status of using TWIC Cards or MMC’s for Pre-Check instead of carrying a separate TSA Pre-Check card?

I just use my drivers license when I go through security. I have never been issued a “pre-check” card and I’ve been a trusted traveller/Nexus holder for over 10 years. I’ve never tried using my twic or mmc as I’m assuming it would just confuse the mindless power abusive nobs that handle security. Have you looked at the TSA website?

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It doesn’t work. They don’t even know what a Twix card is. As for pre-check, you are not issued a card, it’s a “known traveler number” and it’s saved me many times from just barely making flights after a delayed crew change.


Me too, but I don’t have my Nexus card with me and I’ll be taking a flight soon. Someone said that either the TWIC or MMC covers it now, that seems logical, but this is the government we are talking about.

I also have a CDL with a TSA vetted Hazmat endorsement, it seems like that ought to cover it as well, but I have no idea.

I’m more interested in hearing from people using Twic or MMC for pre-check than the theory on the government website that the rent-a-cop nitwits at the airport have never heard of.

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I’ve tried both the MMC and TWIC and have had blank stares in both situations. Oddly enough when you apply for TSA pre-check it’s in the same office as for the TWIC. I’m not sure I fly enough to make it worth it, but I’ve sure wanted if a couple times.

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Only in Tampa Airport one time, although wearing your TWIC card in a necklace might get you airport employee discounts. It has for me.

The TSA Pre-Check, as another poster put it, assigns you a KTN. But that KTN has to be disclosed to your airline before they cut your boarding pass. If you have a valid KTN, they will print “TSA Pre-Check” on your boarding pass, and THAT’S what the TSA schlub is looking at and for.

Given that most of us have tickets issued by contracted travel agents that don’t know us from Adam or Eve, Try to inform the agency of your KTN or barring that, definitely tell the airline people that when you check in at the front desk.

Just generally speaking, you get more mileage from people if you’re wearing your TWIC and Global Entry card in a badge holder. They might not know WHAT you are, but they think they know WHO you are, and being badge wearers themselves, they give you a smidge of professional courtesy.


When close to the airports I switch over to zombie/cattle mode. Don’t do anything to stand out, have your pockets empty, laptop & shoes ready, only your DL ready even if you’re coming from an international flight were your passport was your best friend. Global-Entry & Pre-Check helps a ton but don’t forget you’re still human cattle going through the process. The more you embrace it the faster it will be.

After I retired in '09, I didn’t fly again until 4 years later. As I entered the security area, I was instructed to go to the express line and to keep my shoes on. Over the following 2 years, I flew 3 more times with the same express line. I never pulled out my TWIC card. Probably just my good looks…



ID requirements which include MMC and TWIC.

I use the Twic all the time to fly if I’m carrying it. Haven’t had an issue in several years.

I always do mobile check-in. The less paper the better, and have my boarding pass on my phone. When you check in there is always a spot to enter your KTN number which is what is being looked for by TSA.

On another note, over the last few months at Seatac they had a security dog cruising the line checking everyone out. This in turn allowed everyone to be treated as precheck. Anyone else been to an airport where this happened? It did pretty much nullify having pre check status.

I was at a conference 4-5 yrs ago. A CG speaker said that eventually a TWIC will automatically include the PreCheck KTN, but they’re trying to get the current bugs straight before adding new wrinkles. My thought is maybe in another 10 years.

On your airlines website, find “edit traveler information” link, the “known traveler number” link. The caveat below describes whet this KTN is:

If you are a member of a U.S. Department of Homeland Security Trusted Traveler program (TSA Pre✓®application program, Global Entry, NEXUS or SENTRI) or are an eligible member of the Department of Defense, please provide your Known Traveler Number, PASS ID or DoD ID number.

(Military or Gov. CAC card holders, enter the number on those ID cards to get “pre-check” on your boarding pass.)

Don’t bother using your TWIC card. The TSA in New York doesn’t even know what it is. My husband has one & when he took it out the Officer asked what it was. We were surprised they are unaware of it.

You can get a redress number. Google TSA redress number. Free. Has always worked for me. Use it when you make your reservation. Pre-Check will be written on your boarding pass.

A couple of years ago TSA airport security did not know what TWIC was. More recently, they do know what TWIC is.

A TWIC card cannot be used as a valid ID to get a KTN, however I have only had one problem with using my TWIC at the airport. I can’t remember if it was in Des Moines or Wichita, but the TSA agent looked at it and wanted support documentation, so I showed my driver’s license. In the past, what, 8 or 9 years, I have had no problem at all using my TWIC at the airport. Hell, just used in on Friday in Houston in the morning and Brownsville in the afternoon. . . .

Different tax.

Your CAC DoD number only works for a KTN if you’re CIV and not CTR, and even then you have to opt in. Active duty military are automatically enrolled though.

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The only correct answer here. DO you really think the Uncle Sam will ever want to surrender any amount of revenue, no matter how minuscule?