Trump Drops Shipping Rule Idea

Frustrating. Seems like common sense to require this mission to be done by US Flag ships. :frowning:

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don’t you just love seeing America becoming GREAT again?


There must be a more recent tweet from the Twit:

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Didn’t Trump propose this but had it shot down by the congressional republican losers?

This is incredibly frustrating.

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Well now c. captain are you having a senior moment or are you experiencing a convenient loss of memory when dear comrade Obama reduced the carriage requirments from 75 to 50% and was intending to entirely cease all physical food transports from the US and replace it with monetary cash for kalishnikovs to help the third world dictators starve their people even further. Yes scumbag Republicans like Corker, Brown and McCain balked at the proposal but at least Trump even considered it. Myself and other mariners I know wrote dozens of letters to the WH beforehand, maybe one got through, even if it ended up dead.


Food aid never seemed to actually do anything, better to fund MSP slots than pretty much any alternative, probably