Tropical Storm Henri Nearing Hurricane Strength

I would have turned that yacht around with the bow to the sea but then who am I…

Good article from the AP here:

From NHC discussion as of 500 AM EDT Sun Aug 22 2021

**Henri has moved north of the north wall of the Gulf Stream and will **
> encounter cooler waters on its approach to New England. **Although **
**> some slight weakening is possible, Henri is expected to at or near **
> hurricane strength when it reaches the coast of southern New
England. Even if slight weakening does occur it will have little
difference on the expected storm surge, wind, and rainfall impacts.
Rapid weakening should occur after landfall. Henri is expected to
weaken to a tropical depression by early Monday, and become
post-tropical shortly thereafter.

Last hurricane to hit New England was 30 years ago.

The current models show Hurricane Henri coming ashore near the Hamptons on Long Island as a Category 1 storm. While Hurricane Henri is a serious threat, with luck, its impact will pale in comparison to the Category 3, 1938 Great New England Hurricane, also referred to as the Yankee Clipper, and the Long Island Express Hurricane, which also made landfall near the Hamptons.

Interesting why is that? I am bored with engineering and am going to start studying for 100 ton


The rear of a ship has no streamlined areas and has a large quadratic meters footprint. The wind and seas cannot flow away due to the blockage and the developed forces are max.


Seen to the bow the wind and seas can easily flow away and will cause minimum damage all due to the streamlined foreship’s footprint and to the much less quadratic meters blockage area.