Lee Rapidly Intensifies into Major Category 4 Hurricane

Latest update had it at Category 5


This is from 16 hours ago, at least one model has it coming my way.

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I read one bulletin, and I believe it had some comment that this was going to be higher than a Cat 5. Will they have to tack on another level?

I would like to propose that the last level be identified as Cat egoricallyfucked. This should be appropriate for anything over 185 mph…


I yanked my little girl out of the water up here in Mass. This all but guarantees this system will move offshore while I am at Mitags next week.


The center of Lee is about 200 miles from my location, east and a little south. Getting maybe 15-20 kts of wind. Maybe gusts to 30 judging on how the big trees around my house are swaying.

About 20,000 CMP customers in Maine have lost power so far, our lights have blinked a few times this morning.

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