Hurricane Larry Producing Seas of Up to 13 Meters in Western Atlantic

High Surf Warning here in Mid-Coast Maine for Thursday - Large breaking nearshore waves of 4 to 7 feet.

@emrobu - stay safe

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I think east coast surfers are going to love this hurricane.


We sailed our home from Cuttyhunk to New London yesterday (9/8) and didn’t note any swell at all, though I suppose it might have been hidden in the 1-3’ of wind chop. A beautiful day for a sail, anyway!

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Here’s a couple reports from weather buoys.

A 15 sec swell being reported here:


Here it’s showing 5 seconds.


Not familiar with “dominant wave period”.

3’ at 5 seconds sounds like the wind chop this morning. 5.6’ at 15 seconds sounds like Larry, but if it was 2-3’ at 15 seconds yesterday, we may not have noticed it at our height of eye. I did notice some heavy breaks on the shoals E of Fishers Island on our way past, which might have been a swell we couldn’t see.

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They sure do.

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A few of my longboard old timer friends are having good rides, Headed down that way. I suck at surfing, but still try. An old Hobie or Dewey Weber is my friend. Those short boards kick my fat ass. Going down to inspect property, not surf, but see my pals that still do while visiting. Beers are shared.

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Went to Popham Beach this afternoon for a look, long swell about 5-7 feet (2 meters). Saw a couple people out on SUP boards in the surf.

Larry is about 550 miles east.