Category 4 Hurricane Lorenzo

The most intense hurricane to form that far east in the Atlantic on record.


Lorenzo has now become a hurricane of the 5th category and is on a collision course with the Azores where it will arrive in a couple of days. By then the hurricane will peprobably be less strong but even then a lot of damage can be expected. The present speed at which Lorenzo is traveling is 15 km/h or 8 nm/h.

Meteorologists are baffled by the fact that a hurricane can develop in such a northerly and easterly position, it never happened before. The weather systems are really off these days…

But the forecasts have been good it looks like. Just took a quick look but the error for the forecast at 4 days was 150 miles which is very close to the average 96 hr forecast average of 151 miles.

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Don’t have a good last known position for tug but it was roughly 16N 40W

Well well, even the Netherlands is touched by Lorenzo next Saturday!

Lorenzo knows better than taking a swipe at mighty Denmark :wink:

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The graphic shows it going post tropical but still hurricane force as late as 2 PM Thu off Ireland.

Hurricane Lorenzo Discussion Number 40
NWS National Hurricane Center Miami FL AL132019
500 AM AST Wed Oct 02 2019

Lorenzo passed near Flores in the Azores a few hours ago where
hurricane-force winds, at least in gusts, were observed. Winds
are now decreasing across those islands. The current intensity
estimate, 75 kt, assumes only slow weakening since late yesterday.
The cloud pattern is becoming increasingly asymmetric in
appearance, suggestive that transition to an extratropical cyclone
> is well underway. The global models indicate that Lorenzo will soon
become embedded in a frontal zone, and simulated satellite imagery
from the ECMWF and GFS models show an extratropical-looking cloud
pattern later today. The official forecast calls for a gradual
weakening trend over the next couple of days and is above the
intensity guidance. Although the system is forecast to become
extratropical in 12 hours, it is still likely be a fairly vigorous
cyclone when it reaches Ireland late Thursday. After crossing
England, the low is likely to dissipate over continental Europe.