Hurricane Irene Saturday update

Irene was moving over eastern North Carolina with max winds of 75kt/85mph. Irene made landfall at 1130Z (07:30am EDT) just west of Cape Lookout, NC with winds of 75kts/85nph. Currently hurricane force winds extend outward 80nm east and 35-40nm west of the center. 50kt/58mph winds extend outward 125nm to the east and 60-90nm to the west while gale force winds extend out 225nm east and 125-150nm west.

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Hurricane Irene started to fall apart after interacting with North Carolina on Saturday. As it emerged off the Virginia Coast and tracked north-northeastward the western side of the circulation was significantly weaker than the eastern side still over the water. By the time the center reached the NYC area, Irene had weakened to a strong tropical storm with all the strongest winds occurring on the east side impacting Long Island and southern New England.