Travel Pay and Expenses

What do most companies in the Gulf do about travel pay and expenses?

Not much if anything at all. Some have a rate based on distance from office(ECO) but its not much. None of that door to door stuff other segments get.

Unless that company has boats that are government or in another country (at least that’s what HOS does)

HOS pays a max of around 370 depending on how far you live from office, that is to cover coming and going. But prices have gone up for fuel, tickets ect. Spending twice that right now.

Don’t forget, they say crew change is supposed to be 2 hours before or after noon, yet I still have to fly in the night before and rent a hotel in the event they decided to crew change at 6 am or even midnight the night before. No half day pay for having to be down early or anything, just my $370 for my round trip. But that’s for the gulf only. The tugs, government and overseas boats get travel booked and paid for and they get paid door to door

ECO was up to $350 as the crow flies

Go deep sea. My company arranges my flight and pays for taxi from door to ship. No matter where in the states I live

Most anything with unlimited tonnage, the company pays everything… I’ve worked
For McDermott and cal dive

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Negotiate that before you take the job. Mac Ny payed full airfare & cab from the airport for me.