Transatlantic lines (TAL) current situation


I agree about this situation but the U.S. being a non-signatory to MLC is not relevant in this case as the ship must have had a certificate of voluntary MLC compliance if that cert has in fact been pulled.


enough with this discussion of the MLC…it is not germane to this thread. The US being a signatory to the MLC or not would not have changed this terrible situation here. We all know the USCG does not care one wit for the American mariner and will take the side of the owners in any issue. Their mandate to ensure safe seaworthy ships is supposed to be the protection of crew yet they have allowed TAL to operate filthy decrepit shits for two decades and knowing what I do of the GAYSIR am amazed that she didn’t go down with all hands a long time ago.

If anything let’s make this discussion of how companies like TAL keep agencies of the US Federal Government on their side continually to operate and win contracts!


All that unionization didn’t help the Wilhelmsen or Odfel Officers.


Anders Breivik was from where again? Ohhh that’s right, Norway.


What is interesting is the planning that has apparently gone on with TAL to shed itself of its ships and crew - possibly… here is an article from Greenwich CT indicating that the company residence of 6 Lincoln Avenue will now be a daycare for preschool kids. In order to sell the residence, find a buyer, put the proposed new business before the zoning and planning board and have it approved, this has had to have been in the works for some time. So this is not an accident all of this has happened to TAL, it may have been well planned on the “little puke’s” behalf.


How is it not relevant? It’s only purpose is to protect the crew of the vessel against situations like this.

Title 2: Employment conditions

Payments: Wages should be paid at least every month, and should be transferable regularly to family if so desired.


It’s not relevant because the ship had been issued a certificate of voluntary compliance to the MLC.(pdf) Which means that the ship would have been audited and found in compliance.

According to post #150 that cert has been pulled which means the ship has been found non-compliant.


MLC or not, there is nothing to stop an owner anywhere from ceasing to pay his bills and to stiff everyone he owes money to. The only recourse is to seize the ship and for a court to order it auctioned off which I fear in this case will be far less than needed to satisfy all. The crew does come first but it will be a longtime before they see a nickel.

I am truly suspecting that being the SCUM SUCKING SLUG he is that Gusmundor is far from broke but that he is now done with TAL so just walking away leaving his creditors holding the bag. Could be he ain’t earning enough with the ships anymore or the pending need to accept a contract with the unions (more likely both) but I very much doubt he is totally out of all cash. Very likely he has millions squirreled away in foreign bank accounts though because I would not be surprised at all is this was always his exit plan.



So now anything that doesn’t go along with the left wing/SJW/globalization mantra should not be “allowed to exist”? It’s attitudes like this that got Trump elected in the first place.


I have thought for a little while now that between the expenses of the union and the USCG finally getting on him hard core about the condition of his boats he was just planning to cash out and quit. That now sounds like exactly what he’s doing.


I guess MEBA has also abandoned these guys.

I would be very nice if someone in Long Beach would help the crew on the Transatlantic at least get ashore.


Working on it…I’m an idiot for thinking it would be so seamless.


My son has been onboard Transatlantic since early June. Recent MMA grad 3A/E. Paid once. Busted butt more than once trying to address 835 issues. Promised every Friday, payday Monday. Fortunately he could stay and accumulate hours as he doesn’t have bills. Feel for the husbands and fathers hurt by this fiasco. Had some contact with DOL, but nothing substantial from them yet. Conn. States Attorney office looking into, but with the government contracts, maybe a federal case. Have started drafting letters to Connecticut politicians that have accepted money from Gun… (add your own expletives), letting them know where the money for their campaigns actually came from. Next would be that Greenwich charities he seems to be able to support financially. Breaks my heart knowing all the work my son put into pursuing this career; and now hearing him say it was a mistake. Tough kid, I’m sure he will bounce back. Maybe the system will work for the small guys on this one. Thanks for all the great insight and information that you are sharing on this site. This landlubber is very appreciative.


Really? I’ve read the whole thread and have seen no such thing.


3aedad. I suggest that you contact your son and get the name of the launch service that wants $230 to pick the boys up and take them ashore. Then you can call them with a credit card and pay the $230.

If coming up with $230 is truly a problem for you, PM me and I’ll see what I can do.


You missed your own post then??


Four more crew members departing today at 1700 PST leaving the ship with nine people on board.
Four in the engine dept and five in deck.
The four leaving have paid their own way.
Supposedly they have plane tickets.
Or at least itineraries


In our country we have a problem with people overstating their visas or entering without them greater than twice the population of Norway. So yes, it would be a horror. There’d be abandoned ships in every major seaport.

Refuting Ombugge's left wing rhetoric

No. He did not miss his own post. And his post does not say what you claim.

Onviously, the US cannot surrender it’s sovereignty to the IMO and be required by London to admit entry of ALL foreign seafarers to the US. Nor should it. That does not mean that the US should not allow the entry of many foreign seafarers. It should and it does. The US has a visa waiver program where the citizens of many countries are allowed entry into the US without a visa. Citizens of other countries can and do apply for visas.

That is not to say that many of us necessarily agree with how the US government does a lot of things. Most of us do not agree with the TWIC Card and Homeland Security nonesense on the docks. Personally, I have not had much of a problem, but many other US mariners have.


Thanks tugsailor. Spoke with USCG last week they will give a ride to anyone wanting to get off (they are also keeping a closer watch on health, food and water). Couple of guys took them up on the offer. My son is determined to see it through barring health or safety issues.