Transatlantic lines (TAL) current situation


Not sure.
I’m not on the ship any more.
Some of the younger licensed guys are staying because they are getting time and a half towards their next upgrade.
I can almost understand that seeing the scarcity of 3AE and 2AE jobs out there.
As far as the upper level management jobs go, I can only attribute it to their professionalism.
I’m guessing once the ship is pierside and lines secured, they’ll be out of there too.



What does he mean by “see it through” ? See what through? It’s over.

TAL has made a deal to sell its Greenwich office to a Pre-school. The City just approved the change of use. TAL has been sued by creditors, including the crew’s. One of the company’s ships (and cargo) has been arrested with over $500,000 in claims against it. It’s just a question of time until the Transatlantic is either arrested for its debts, or declared an abandoned vessel by the Captain of the Port and taken into custody. As soon as the answer is due to the lawsuits, TAL will file for bankruptcy because it cannot afford the legal fees to defend itself.

What is there to see through? Take it from someone who has been through similar situations, tell your son to run, run fast, and run now.


Ummmm…are they sure about that? I thought that only applies to offshore vessels.


Yes they are sure.
They stand 12 hour watches.
Or did anyway.


Who do they think is going to write them a seatime letter. They guy that was doing seatime letters probably isn’t being paid either. He’s probably locked out of the office and collecting unemployment .

Do they think that the moron captain that was trying to get the crew to sign foreign articles yesterday, is now going to issue them a USCG Discharge? Even, if he does issues a discharge, there is no one at the company office to turn the copies in to the USCG. Not to mention that time served on an an anchored ship that has had its certificates pulled does not qualify as seatime.

What is MEBAs excuse for abandoning the crew?

Did anyone contact the Seamen’s Center for help?


Maybe some of that rusted out seawater piping or a sea valve will fail, that might get the Icelandic asshole some attention from the State and Feds.


I wonder if the Feds are still pursuing a magic pipe case against TAL from the USCG inspection and seizure in Korea. That, and the legal fees that go with it, may be why the Owner is letting the company fold .


I’m going to assume these are either rhetorical questions or ones for the collected readers of this thread.
If they are for me, I don’t know the answers.
I can show you a copy of my discharge if you like.


I just looked it up… Per 46CFR10.107 (which defines a ‘day’ for seatime purposes) and 46CFR15.705 (which says a watch must be broken up into 3 sections with some listed exceptions), I don’t think a ship of that size and in that trade will qualify for the 2 watch system.

Then again, I’m not a USCG lawyer so maybe Mr Cavo or someone else in the know can chime in.


I wouldn’t stick around for double sea time if I wasn’t getting paid. And who do they expect to give them a sea letter or sign their discharge paper? The captain who wanted them to sign forgien articles?


There are plenty of good jobs for 3AEs and 2AEs, but they aren’t onboard ships.


C. Captain, You know how this works. Use your political connections to get a contract for your corporation via campaign contributions [bribes] . Take your management salary from the top and put it in your personal bank account. You, the CEO, are just an employee drawing a very large salary. Tell the employees that as CEO you have no money left available to maintain the vessel. The investors didn’t give enough. [you need to leave out how much you are paying yourself] The mariners can leave or be replaced, because as CEO it makes no difference to you as you are still being paid well since you pay yourself. When even the USCG finally smells the stench and shuts down the operation, you as CEO are still good. You have your millions in salary and management fees paid by the “company” you invented. The “company” goes bankrupt, leaves dumbass creditors and gullible crew with no money. It’s the free market ! Works great ! Rinse and repeat.


I imagine it is particularly gratifying that the dream is being lived by a fellow Scandinavian…

good ol’ US of A…the land of opportunity for anyone can get rich through exploitation


I noticed that these recent arrival hyphenated-American scumbags have no qualms about screwing over Americans. That’s part of their key to success. They also have access to money from the old country.

I would not be surprised if this guy was little more than a frontman for the real owners back in Iceland. They may be the ones that got richer at American expense.

What is the story on the American college buddy , Brandon Rose, that owned a piece of TAL? According to internet he has a lot of family money.


Yes, I’m a big fan of Scandinavians that make it big and stays in USA. After a time in the States, they are tainted. Røkke case in point.

Where everyone is a temporarily embarrassed millionaire.


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Kjell was the kind of man he is long before he came to the US. A product of Norwegian society. It was super generous Norwegian government backed financing that enabled him to make it big in the US. It was his US lawyers and US profits that then enabled him to do Norway’s first hostile takeover of a corporation and make it even bigger in Norway.


That’s not exactly the whole story now, is it? :slight_smile: If so, it’s truly a rags to riches story.


seems pretty accurate to me


He left on a trawler in 1979 and did not return until 1990, are you telling me that it was a long con by the Norwegian government to steal your fish?