Trump Vows North Korea Threat Will Be Met With ‘Fire and Fury’


I feel this is appropriate for this thread and will hopefully distract y’all from politics.


Easy, they shoot the missile straight up and wait for the Earth to turn underneath it. When it sees California it comes down.


you meet you couldn’t find any learned and wise commentary on the geopolitical strategic nuclear showdown from Kim Kardashian?


That what 8 years of leftist rule will do to a country.


I was referring to the last 8 months!

The Supreme Cheeto has shown just how much damage can be done by an ignorant bigot with rapidly deteriorating mental health issues.


well the situation is spinning around and around again with NK just asking to be punched in the nose however it appears that EL Supremo Cheeto Mas Grande is letting his Secretary of Defense do the stern talking this time. Let us pray that if there ever is an order for a strike to take out the NK nukes, that Mattis is the man issuing the orders.

I just wonder should the US try, if we can really hurt them quickly enough and with enough might to prevent the NK loonies from retaliating heavily against South Korea and Japan. Of course there is also the China defense treaty with NK in the event they are ever attacked.

One thing for certain is that North Korea cannot be allowed to just keep on keeping on like they are but how to put them into a bottle?

Transatlantic lines (TAL) current situation

It will probably end up the same way as other states have managed to develop nuclear weapons; sabre rattling for a while, (or in the case of Israel, SILENCE) then acceptance of the fact that there are one more nuclear power in the world.

A NK “respected” as a country with status as a nuclear power and accepted into the club, MAY be easier to deal with than one that feel threatened with annihilation and political isolation.
That policy has been tried for decades and not worked. Time to think anew??


Unlike bubble boy most leaders of countries who possess nuclear weapons are not bat shit crazy



Of all of der bugge’s typos, malapropisms, misspellings, etc this is my current year-to-date favorite.

“Sable rattling”. I can just picture a big Russian with a sable by the neck shaking it at his foe.

Less dangerous than missiles too.


Silky soft though…


What causes that rattle then?


Which would you really prefer to be hit with, a rattled sabre, a rattled sable, or a rattled Sable?


You referring to the wrassler? I guess gettin hit by her could go either way.

The rattling comes from the Rubles in his pocket.


Reply of the Zaporozhian Cossacks to Sultan Mehmed IV of the Ottoman Empire


Interesting backstory to that.


Yeah, there are and always have been similar situations. Since I do not have the knowledge or those vast research skills like Ombugge I may only bring forward simple questions. Why don’t we show this NK goon a certain respect, invite him to some high profile barbecues and make him kind of member in the global community ? Isn’t this the only goal he is striving for, some respect ?
Is there a simple answer ?


It’s China’s pet project, a solution without them at the table is not going to happen. And can someone in USA take Twitter away from the President?


Sorry for misspelling. Now corrected.

BTW: How many languages do YOU handle without a mistake??


Easy there partner. If I made a habit of correcting your mistakes I’d do little else. I usually can figure out what you meant and just read on precisely because I can make out what you mean. As was the case with this post too. It just hit my funny bone this time. No malice intended towards you.

Everyone on here has probably posted typos native English speakers included. Now with auto correct it’s even easier to screw up a post.

But to answer your question. None. There are zero languages I handle without mistake.


Good. That makes two of us.