Traffic control for Port Fourchon

North of c-port 1, traffic switches to 14. Gives everybody half a mile of bayou to switch over. C-port 1 and south stays on 13. That’d be a start. Also, the bayou needs to be lined with dolphins. If 3 boats didn’t have to clog a waterway each time somebody needs to get underway or get dockside, it would be a tremendous relief on traffic levels and congestion in general. With the addition to the fleets of more and more large vessels, it is getting out of hand.

True datt! Great idea!

I think the major oil companies… BP, Chevron, etc., should sponsor a workboat rodeo. Hire some shrimp boats to MC and referee the activities. Could have contests for backing into slips, how close can you get to the loop without getting called out, top speed of crew boats with one in clutch while whinning on the radio, best spelling while texting and driving… Just some ideas. Sure we could have some fun and then everyone would have vessel movement priority based on rankings. Those who can do…


That’s the best idea I’ve heard ever! Talk about your professional mariner.

-Who can fit the most dip in one lip and still make understandable passing arrangements

-who can hold the most vessels up while topping around

-least spring lines used while tying a boat up

Night time challenge… Picking out the actual vessel underway from all the running lights as you look up the bayou towards Flotation Canal, which leads to maximum amount of thrust you can use to hold yourself in the mud without getting stuck in said mud.

The after party and awards ceremony would have to be held on the pool rig.

Easy Money you are too funny

My real issue with the Port of Fourchon is the over use of the radio security call. I understand someone making a call when leaving C-port 1 because he/she can’t see around the boat in the next slip. But when you have captains/mates calling every 50 feet…… Really??? That causes way too much radio commutations and then 4 out of 5 times I can’t make arrangement with another vessel that I need to talk too.

Well here it is May of 2017. Traffic really is not a problem now… :grin:


No kidding. I use to pray for fog so it would be so much less traffic.

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I been doing this for 37 years and there were times coming in I was hoping nothing would hit me or vice-versa.

That’s the only plus to the downturn.


Amen bother…