Top 3 Companies

I am looking for guidance as to the top 3 companies to contact regarding C/M work o/b either a Drill Ship
or FSPO. I hold an U/L Masters license without DP experience and much tanker time.

Has there been any word on what changes are coming at Pride International? Thanks Shipmate 1

Check out Noble at
They are hiring Masters and Chief Mates that do not have DP experience. The Noble Seillean is a DP FPSO which you could probably get hired on.
Also check out Helix Energy Solutions Group
They operate the Helix Producer 1 a DP FPU.

The Noble Seillean is on its way to being laid up in Mobile .

Just two days ago, the Mighty Seillean made all lines fast to the Violet Dock at 83.5 AHP on the Mississippi River. That’s just south of Saint Bernard’s Parish (New Orleans) where the MSC and MARAD vessels dock. The latest plan was to warm stack her until a new contract is worked out.

Any word on how long she will be laid up? What do you know of SeaDrill or Pacific Drilling? Shipmate 1