AB/ Advanced DPO looking for oil rig contacts

Hello Everyone,
I am an AB that has worked for a very large company for 5 years now. I have attained my Basic DP and have almost finished enough of my time to go to my Advanced DP class ( with my company provides ) the thing that my company doesn’t provide is classes for 3rd unlimited classes nor do they pay you anything when you attended any class in your your off time or while you are at work. I would like to know where or who I could contact about working on a rig cause I hear that most …

I can tell you it will not be easy for you. With the position that you want normally goes to a friend of a friend or someone with inside information on when the position comes available since these positions (assistant/trainee DPO) are never advertised. Since this is the case you may have to work at companies that are less desirable like Noble. They do have DPO’s that don’t have unlimited licenses. They have like a 1600 ton, but they are being sent to school to get their 3rd Mates license. So maybe they would consider someone like you.

Another place to consider is ENSCO. I would work there before I went to Noble. I understand that they hire unlicensed DPO’s.

Other than that, you have your usual suspects…Transocean, Seadrill, maybe Pacific Drilling. Maybe get on as a roustabout to get your foot in the door. Either way it won’t be an easy feat. Good Luck.

Thank you capt, I just posted a reply but I’m not sure if it went through or not. I am looking for a job on an oil rig on the marine side as an AB so that way I can go to school for my 3rd unlimited. But at sites like transocean they do not have any listings or contact info.

That is another good option for you. Some guys do get to take some 3rd Mate classes while working on the deck as AB. I can tell you on my rig there is a line a mile long waiting for these position to materialize.

Some of these companies do have a general application available to fill out even if they are not advertising for the position you are looking for. It may be worth your time to fill one out.