Drill Companies

I am very interested in working for a drilling company, yet I am just graduating from CMA with a third mates and I have no DP cert. Most of the websites I look at are asking for a couple years of DP experience in order to be hired on as a DPO. Are there any companies that will hire you as a “greenhorn” DPO and train you?

Consider hiring in as a roustabout or AB seaman. After you convince the company that you’re worth spending the training $$ on then the courses will be provided and the promotions will come. You’ll be a better DPO in the future for having spent some time on the deck too.

Try Noble Drilling they might take you as a DPO trainee or if you can get in as Third Mate they will give you DP training . They dont pay as well as some of the other companies you can get your foot in the door and get some DP training.

If you are still looking check out Transocean they have a position for a Dynamic Positioning Operator I (Trainee) http://www.deepwater.com/fw/main/Dynamic-Positioning-Operator-I-%28Trainee%29-264C300.html