Tonnage limitation removal

Hi, first time posting…I have a 3rd mates OICNW with a 2,000 GT limitation. I have to get unlimited seatime (of which I have none) before I can upgrade to 3rd unlimited and remove the limitation. My question is what’s the minimum seatime I need? The tonnage removal USCG list lists several options (see below). As of now, I’m thinking I fall into the last one where I need 360 days on unlimited vessel as an AB while holding a 3rd mate. But if anyone out there knows of a shorter route ID love to hear it. Thanks for any guidance.

(1) 180 days on vessels of 1,600 GRT or more in the highest grade
endorsed, all tonnage limitations will be removed, OR,
(2) 180 days of service on vessels of 1,600 GRT or more in “any”
capacity as an “officer” other than the “highest grade endorsed,” all
tonnage limitations for the grade in which the service is performed will
be removed and the next higher grade endorsement will be raised to the
tonnage of the vessel on which the majority of the service was
performed, OR,
(3) Total cumulative service before and/or after the limitation was
issued may be used to remove or raise all tonnage limitations by
recalculating the original total required service:
• All required service must be on vessels of 100 GRT or more;
• 50% of the required service on vessels of 1,600 GRT or more
• Recency is applicable, OR
Chapter 1
(4) 360 days of service as able seaman on vessels of 1,600 GRT or
more while holding a license as third mate, all tonnage limitations on
the third mate’s license will be removed.