1600 Ton Mate to 3rd Mate unlimited

I currently hold a 1600 ton mate and Mate OSV. Ive looked at the 3rd mate checklist and not seeing the answer im looking for, all im seeing is master to 3rd mate…so here goes

  1. Does my 1600 ton mate turn into 3rd mate unlimited with seatime? How much seatime is required? When looking at the Deck and Engineering guide for examinations, it states no further testing required from 1600 ton mate to 3rd mate unlimited.

  2. If so, can i use my mate osv time on vessels over 1600 tons to not have a tonnage restriction on the 3rd mate unlimited.

I apologize if i have missed this answer on the forum. Ive looked here, Google and uscg website and cant come up with a straightforward answer. I appreciate your help. Stay safe!


Not technically but also yes, kinda.

1,080 days total, all over 100 GRT and half of it needs to be over 1,600 GRT / 3,000 GT.

Correct. (This is the “yes, kinda” from above. You’ve already tested for up to second mate.)

Yes. That’s practically the only way possible to go from limited tonnage to unlimited tonnage licenses without going back to working on deck.

I’m sure it’s there somewhere but whatever. :man_shrugging:

Thank you!

Btw, in order to have 1,600 ton Mate you most likely already have more than half the required 1,080 days so all you need at this point is the 540 days over 3,000 GT.

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