Upgrading to 3rd Mate With Tonnage Restriction

Hello All!

I have been browsing the archive and still have not found an answer. Has any one upgraded from a 1600 ton ocean master to a 3rd mate with a tonnage restriction [B]using only ATB sea time[/B]? I know that to get a third mate AGT you can use ATB time discounted as 2:1 for up to half of the 1600 part of the requirement but what if my only sea time over 1600 ton is the aggregate tonnage from ATBs can I use that solely to upgrade to a 3rd restricted???

The other part I don’t understand is since the aggregate tonnage that I received is over 9000 tons as per the uscg checklist, they would round up to 10,000 tons (because the amount of time I have would only fill the 25% tonnage limitation section) but the check list states later that any thing that’s 10,000 tons would be just be issued as unlimited, so would they issue me a unlimited 3rd with only ATB time??? Or would I get a 10,000 restriction on a 3rd mate.


I did mine with a tonnage restriction from OSVs. I just spend the $90 for an app and appeal if they say no. ! Get the license when you can. And upgrade tonnage as you go if you need to