TOAR Service Letter

Good day all,

I am in the process of obtaining my mate of towing endorsement, I currently hold a 1600 Ton Mate NC ticket and I submitted an application to the NMC with my completed TOAR packet, and I was kicked back on my application because I did not include a service letter documenting “30 Days Training and Observation on the route applied for”.

I assume that I am under the ‘misunderstanding’ that my TOAR in itself was evidence of this 30 days of required service.

I spoke with my company office about obtaining a letter documenting this and they have no issues with doing so, but really don’t know how to word it in my favor. I am sailing as an AB and have been doing so throughout the process of completing my assessments. Does anyone have any guidance on how this letter should be worded?

Submit a basic sea time letter with all the regular requirements for all your time at the company but make sure the AB time and training/observation 30 days is listed separately and include start/end dates for both types of service. Also break down time by vessel/position/date. Cite 46 CFR § 11.463 - 11.466

Oh yeah and make sure it’s for the correct route! I have friends who have had issues getting their toar accepted for a particular route. It may be their fault or the NMC, not for me to say.