Completed TOAR

I’ve seen job postings that reference a completed TOAR. I have a second mate unlimited/OC so I only need 30 days of observer time. my question is does a completed TOAR mean the observer time has already been completed? I need my observer time and trying to figure out what The best way to go about getting it is. I know a TOAR in no way makes me a qualified tugboater but im trying to break into towing. Any advice is greatly appreciated.

Generally they mean you have the book and it is completely filled out and signed off by a DE.

The requirement for a completed TOAR and for training and observation on towing vessels are separate requirements that can be done independent of each other, having a TOAR that was completed before any of the towing vessel service will invite scrutiny. It may be acceptable, but it may get enhanced scrutiny. If your MMC is not endorsed as Mate (or Master) of towing vessels, you need to have with you both the completed TOAR and evidence of the time in training and observation on towing vessels.

A “completed” TOAR is one applicable to the route with all tasks in the TOAR signed off by a Designated Examiner (DE) holding Coast Guard approval to act as a DE for the route.

Although you can serve as Mate or Master on a towing vessel if you hold an endorsement for Mate or Master 500 GRT or greater and have with you the completed TOAR and evidence of towing vessel service, it may be a good idea to get the endorsement added to your MMC as soon as possible. The risk that you might lose the TOAR and service documents (or not have them because you sent your only copies to an REC thinking they will store them for you…) is obvious. But, employers may be loath to hire you as it will be very hard for them to verify that you have authority to work as a Mate (or Master) on a towing vessel. If you add the endorsement to your MMC, it’s much easier for a prospective employer to verify.