About to start towing, one question

I will soon be attending a 2 day apprentice mate course followed by a 1 day WR course. Soon after I will begin on deck/wheelman in order to have my TOAR completed for inland/WR to acquire Mate of Towing and the following is from the Mate of Towing checklist:

For those who hold less than 200GRT :1080 days service as Master under the authority of endorsement held

I have held a 200GRT NC master endorsement for over 10years(on my 3rd issue). All of my seatime letters state “Captain”

Does the USCG recognize that vague term when calculating the time needed for the endorsement or does the USCG recognize the time Holding the Master endorsement ?

Thanks for the feedback and if I’m unclear in my wording feel free to straighten me out.



I don’t believe you will have any problem. I’m sure the USCG sees a lot of letters that say “Captain.” Long ago, I submitted letters that said “Captain” without any problem.


Thanks for the reply !

Good morning,

I will soon be submitting a completed TOAR for inland and near coastal routes and am wondering if anyone happens to know how to submit the “30 days of training and observation on a particular route”

That’s just a seatime letter or does the USCG want that worded specifically on the letter regarding the training and observation.

Thanks for the feedback!

It has to be worded specifically stating that you were observing as a trainee on that specific route during that time.

Something like this below, which was how my letter was worded when I did mine, combined as one Seatime letter.

Good luck.

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Thanks for the response, this helps a lot.

Oh my, what a nitpicking bunch of pencil whipped bullshit seatime letters have become.

Yea, I almost feel foolish asking some of my recent questions but I’m just grateful for the help I’m receiving so that I can avoid “Awaiting Info-PQEB”