TOAR observer time

The TOAR observer time is listed at 30 days. Is that 30 days regardless of the watch system? For example we’re a two watch boat. does that count as a day and a half like sea time does or do I need the 30 days no matter what type of watch system we’re on?

Tugs fall within the 12 hour 2-watch system. It’s understood to be in that context and a day is a day, pretty much a literal statement without the need for interpretation.

Got it. Thanks man.

I think you will find that DAYS are numbered as - - 8-hour days count for 1 day - - 12-hour days count for 2 days - - just like TIME for license

If credit for a day in excess of 8 hours is allowed, it’s 1.5 to 1. See 46 CFR 10.232(h) and the definition of “Day” in 46 CFR 10.107.

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Thanks for the CORRECTION - “I stand corrugated” - Groucho Marx

Thanks for the clarification!