12 hour / 1 1/2 day seatime

Our 3rd assistant engineer put in for his 2nd license and was not allowed to use his 12 hours a day as 1 1/2 day seatime because he works on a MODU . Does any one know whom he can contact to file a protest ? Or what else he can do ?

I had an issue with some seatime being denied awhile back. I wrote a formal letter of appeal to the comanding officer stating what I had researched and found. A second look will work alot of times.

cfr’s state a day is 8 hours. 12 hours is credited for a two watch system, not a three watch system. did he do 8 hours watch and 4 hours ot? generally you can only get 1 1/2 day credit on towing vessels

In 1976, I was allowed 1 1/2 credit for M&O Chief and later to set for Chief Motor Towing.(the last of the written exams I believe) In the early 80s, I had to show 5 years as QMED (8 hour days) to set for an origional 2nd Motor. For First and Chief, I had to show a year for each.

I’m willing to be that he’s a dayworker with duty. That seems to be the norm for most ships these days. Without a watch rotation, I’ve never heard of anyone getting 1.5:1. I’ve only heard about it on towboats. I think that you’re 3rd needs more time.