Coast guard not counting twelve hour days anymore?

I am currently in the process of finishing my requirements to upgrade from my 200 ton to five hundred. I am now being told by multiple people that My 12 hour days will now not be counted as a day and a half and instead will be a only counted as a day? Can anyone confirm this or if you had a problem with this how to go about getting a day and a half credit?

It should count as 1.5 days for every 12hrs. Just make sure it is noted on your sea-time that you work a 12hr watch and have your company write up your time adding in the 1.5 days for everyday served.

Agreed! I was at one time the port Captain and designated examiner of one of the major tug companies on the east coast. When I wrote sea time letters it HAD to state that you stood a twelve hour watch a day consisting of 6hrs on 6hrs off.

It depends on the ship and the watches. 12 hours work does not always equal 12 hours watch. Only the watchstanding part counts.

well what constitutes a 12 hour watch? I work from 12 to 24? Our COI states one master and one OCNW I am the OCNW I dont see how they can count my time as anything but a day and a half. Or am I missing something?
Thanks for the help everyone.

my request for 1.5 days was just denied by the coast guard. It depends what type of ship your on, and it must be “authorized & practiced” since they denied me, im 5 days short to upgrade to 2nd mate. I had a letter from the master on a company letter head as well. Tugs working a 6x6 should count for the 1.5 day, i dont see why not. I was denied bc i was on a ship designed for 3 man watches. Every now and again we would do a 6hr watch… good luck

You’re sea time to count as 1.5 days has to be on vessel approved for 2 watches a day instead of 3. OSV’s, tugs, and the like are. Most ships are not. Look on your boats paper work to see what it says.

They tried to do that to me i am upgrading from 100 to 500 and i argued with my evaluator till she have me 1.5 days for a 12 hour day.Tell your evaluator you want to talk to her supervisor and stay on them.

Don’t forget the voyages. Even though OSVs and tugs are authorized under the two-watch system, the caveat is “only” voyages less than 600nm. If that’s not stipulated on the sea time letter, how would the evaluator know to credit 1.5 days? Check that first.

I have the same problem, I sail qmed on supply boat with unmanned engine room and chick tells me that we have to have three watch system when everybody works 12 and 12 so what I do ?

Chickie don’t know the truth.

The comment about a two watch system on tugs is misleading regarding voyage length.

ANY towing vessel UNDER 200 tons ANYWHERE, ANY voyage, ANY length can be 6 and 6.

The issue is whether the foreign country you are going to will realize, and enforce 3 watch manning. But a voyage say from corpus to Jacksonville (all US) can be 6 and 6 as long as the boat is under 200 tons!

The ‘officers competency act’ only applies to vessels of 200GT and over.