Time frame that training is valid


I am currently in a 500/1600T Mate Training program. My classmates and I have been attending training for approximately 2 1/2 years.

We had a 40 Hour Lifeboat/Proficiency in Survival Craft course in the summer of 2007. The certificate issued is stated as being good for 1 year from date of completion. We have been told that the certificate will be good from the date of the course completion certificate (the entire 500/1600T Mate course) which would be issued within the next couple of months.

While I should have submitted paperwork to obtain an updated STCW certificate I didn’t. In addition, due to my applicable sea service, I will be submitting my application for a Third Mate AGT rather than a 500/1600T Mate. The Program Manager has stated that he has had difficulty with the Coast Guard accepting such course completion and the Lifeboat when in similiar circumstances with his NOAA cadets.

Should the Coast Guard accept my service for a Third Mate why would I need to repeat the Lifeboat course. Why would it matter for the requirements of the Lifeboat certificate whether or not I have the larger 500/1600T course completion?

One of the big advantages of the program itself is reduced sea time requirements. I already have the sea time regardless of the course or not. The component portions of the course complete the requirements I would need for a license.


I believe you’ll have to retake the course and submit the certificate of completion to the NMC.

Someone correct me if I’m wrong.



That certificate does two things; it gets you out of the CG exam for lifeboatman AND documents completion of all practical assessments for lifeboatman/PSC. A certificate in lieu of an exxam expires after one year. Same for AB, Master 100/200, QMED, and Flashing Light certs.

Advanced Firefighting, BST,and RADAR expire after 5 years unless you submit them to the CG for a license/STCW transaction before they are 5 years old.

Others such as BRM, and most of the STCW certs for OICNW (mate) do not have any specified expiration period - But I would not suggest letting them get over 5 years old as it may create problems for you.:mad:


You need Proficiency in Survival Craft/Lifeboatman for 3rd Mate, Mate 500, and Mate 1600, so you’ll need to refreshe/repeat the course.

Depending on the specific program you are in, your service may not be sufficient for 3rd Mate. If you are qualifying for the license(s) by being in an approved program, the requirement is for one year of service [I][U]as part of the training program[/U][/I]. It’s not just regular sea timne, so you cannot use time you acquired outside of the program to meet that one year requirement. In that case, you would need [U]three[/U] years service.

Contact me with details if you want a more specific answer.


The approved course is conducted by GMATS. I have a total of 1,863 - 8 hour days of sea service, 3 1/2 years worth on vessels over 200 GRT.


How many days on >1600 tons?


How many days on >1600 tons?

How many CFR’s do you want to get into Capt Anonymous? :wink:

50 or so on a vessel of 22,000 GRT. The rest is on a Dual-Mode ITB with an aggregate tonnage of 8,750. Once you get done converting from 12 hour days to 8 hour days and then taking creditable service on a 2 for 1 basis, I am approximately 45 days short of 270 total days on vessels > 1600 T.

Since I don’t have the required 540 days, I excpect to have a tonnage limitation of 9,000 GRT which I may never be able to have removed. However, my approach is go for the highest I can obtain.


That’s the spirit! Gotta love them CFRs and all the labyrinthine paths from one license to the next…