Sea Time for Lifeboatman

So at my school we took a Survival Craft class that will give us the lifeboatman rating after 6 months of sea service, according to the 46CFR;

“(6) Successful completion of a training course, approved by the National Maritime Center, such course to include a minimum of 30 hours’ actual lifeboat training; provided, however, that the applicant produces satisfactory evidence of having served a minimum of 6 months at sea board ocean or coastwise vessels.”

Does this seatime have to be after the class or can it be from previous voyages? Does it matter what department it was in? I sailed for many years on an English ship and even have an English Seaman’s book, can that be used as proof of the 6 months? Thanks,

The sea time can be from before you took the class. There is a time limit (one year) on how lobg after the course it will be valid. If the course you took was at least 30 hours long, and its approval cirtes the regulation you noted, than it doesn’t matter which department the sea time was in. Your British time should be accpetable, provided you’re currently eligible for a US mariner credential (US citizen or non US citizen admitted for permanent residence)

Thank you Mr Cavo for the reply, I am already in possession of a MMC (os/wiper/fh) & TWIC. The course was part of the curriculum for the Marine Engineering course at Seattle Maritime Academy. Now I will see if I can get a letter from my school for that class. Will I need to take a test? Thanks again.

[QUOTE=Kingrobby;46806]///Will I need to take a test? [/QUOTE]

Probably not if you took the course less than a year ago. Most if not all courses are approved to substitute for the exam.