How far back can you go to document seatime?

I’m new and are halfway through my A/B 100 ton nc. with assistance towing endorsement. Going to take bst and lifeboatman class in a couple of months. How far back can you go in years to count seatime? This is an excellent site for info,thanks to all who contribute.

I think I read anything after you were 16 years old.

Sea time does NOT expire, you just need recency, if your sea time is properly documented it can go back to the 1800

how much seatime do you have at the moment,
I think lifeboatman only has a 1 years certificate until you turn it in to NMC, after that it is good for life, that also goes for the
100-ton certificate, you might want to get approved to test first from NMC to make sure that you have all the correct sea time and that it is correctly written

My first sea time letter was written on birch bark with a piece of charcoal. I had to sail around the Horn to deliver it to USCG HQ because the pony express was down for bad weather. The Smithsonian asked to display it recently but it was, of course, lost in the NMC’s move to West Virginia.

mr. 100 ton I have about 7 years that i can document with tonnages from 5 to 198 gross tons. I completed training course for ab 100 ton nc in july of 09 and have my cert. for each. I go for BST in march and Lifeboat end of april. all my experience is on deck,engineroom, or in the wheelhouse on fishing vessels. thanks for any info its a big help guys.

fairtry - you can use any sea time that you can document. It does not expire.

I got my 100 T in the early '80’s, and then quit keeping track of my sea time 'cuz I thought I’d never want or need a license larger than that. But now I’m going after my 500 T which requires 360 days on vessels over 50 T, and am going back to the '80’s and 90’s for letters from owners to document my time on those vessels over 50 T.

Fortunately the owners are still around.

Sea time doesn’t expire. But there is a requirement for licenses that mat least 90 days must have been in the past 3 years. For unlicensed ratings, there is no such “receny” requirement.


Doesn’t seatime start at/after age 16?

I sure wasn’t much help on deck when I was 8.


Doesn’t seatime start at/after age 16?

I sure wasn’t much help on deck when I was 8.[/quote]

I didn’t read his question as asking for that. There currently is no minimum age specified in the CFR for acceptable service. I beleive by policy it is 16.

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Hey could you guys define “properly documented” seatime? I’m sure there are a million different definitions! Anyways, I just completed my ab course and I am currently taking psc/lb and that will be completed tommorrow. I have 13 years experience as a owner/operator of commercial fishing boats and quite a few years prior as a deck hand. I am shooting to get my ab unlimited endorcement and found out today that I will need STCW. That course starts in two weeks so I will have that done asap. So, back to my question. I have my “small vessel sea service forms” and I want to be absolutely sure that I have them filled out correctly before I send it in. I have all of my documentation from the boats I have owned so I will send copies of that in as well. So, I have well over my 1080 days of required time for my ab/un. Will that form be efficient and are there any other things that I need to do? Thanks in advance for your input!