Sea Time Recency

I was wondering if anyone knew if I can use seatime acquired as a oil spill responder on a 1600 tn boat . I was not part of the actual crew but did have licence and O.S. at the time working and doing training aboard the vessel.It has also been 3 years and I was wondering what the recensy requirements may be as well.I have regular seatime as I have been running 100 tn mini-supplys and would like to supplement any time if possible on boats over 100 tn to help get my 200 tn upgrade. Thanks,Mark S.

Get in touch with the company who owns the boat and ask for a sea time letter for the time you were on board. They’ll probably turn you down unless were logged as a watchstander. They might be willing to give you unlicensed time. Who knows?
There isn’t a recency issue.