Sea Service: Dive Boats/SE Asia

I am currently gathering docs to submit for AB Limited. In addition to normal recent US flagged service I have been led to understand by NMC that I can also submit sea service letters from time worked on dive boats in SE Asia 2001-2003.

Has anyone else submitted dive boat time as sea service for deck or captains’ licenses? Results?

U may have a recency issue with 2001 - 2003 seatime. I would double check the regs, find something that supports ur argument and then message the morons in Martinsburg and find out what their interpretation of the rule is because sometimes they can’t differentiate between definition and intent.

I would send them whatever you have. They will sift out what they don’t need. Keep Andy Hammond’s number in your phone too.

Looking for a quick answer as I consider a job offer on a 4 point dive vessel, I did a quick search with no results.

When the vessel is on anchor for a job, is the seatime credited day for day? Need to know because my goal is to get days needed to upgrade 500GRT Master to 1600/3000 Master.

Usually, sea time is only valid for the last 5 years. Sea time from 2003 will not likely be considered even if it were on US flagged vessel working near coastal. But as stated earlier. Read the regs. They answer all.

[QUOTE=BMCSRetired;107017]U may have a recency issue with 2001 - 2003 seatime… [/QUOTE]

[QUOTE=txwooley;109230]Usually, sea time is only valid for the last 5 years… [/QUOTE]

Apart from the 90 days used to meet the recency requirements in 46 CFR 11.201©, there is no time limit on sea service.