Tides and currents computer

I remember seeing a few stand-alone tide and current computers about 20 or 30 years ago. They contained tides and current predictions for several years.

Are these tide computers still being sold?

Are there good similar tide and current Apps or software products that don’t require an internet connection to operate?

We used Admiralty Total Tides running on a PC. Not just able to print out tables but also current vectors displayed on a chart. Don’t recall the cost now.

Tides and currents are also available as open source, OpenCPN. Never tried it but technically speaking it should be doable. I think NOAA makes its algorithm public but not sure.

I assume companies like OceanGrafix will continue to make print editions available.

If you Google with the term “tide prediction software” you will get a number of hits of tidal prediction software also the free WTides program.

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I’ve used this one for years:

Works completely offline, and has been completely accurate in the Pacific Northwest, where water moves in mysterious ways.
It really irritated the owner of the yacht, because it was so good, but unavailable for Apple.

…which is in turn a Windows version version of XTide. I suspect many such apps are built on top of this.

For those who want to run on something else (Linux, Mac, iOS, etc) there’s a listing of ports for different platforms on Available ports for unsupported platforms including one for the classic HP48G calculator. That’s almost enough to tempt me to break out the soldering iron and wire up a new data cable for it.