Tide & current software

Good Morning-

I’ve worked in a small niche in the tug & tow world my whole career. As much as I’ve wanted to explore the maritime world outside of Western Alaska, the knowledge and experience it has provided tends to keep my employer motivated enough to keep me out there.

Anyhow, I stepped off the boats for a couple years to chase a sidebar career. I’m done chasing and right back at it, waist deep in the tide flats of Western AK. I’m looking for feedback/opinions on what everyone prefers for tidal software? I’ve always been partial to an old version of Nobeltec’s Tides & Currents. The graph layout was the most useful tool outside of physical observation.

Just looking for other ideas, figuring that there is probably something better by now?


For some reason Rose Point seems to be WAY off starting around whale pass and heading west. I also liked the older nobletec program. CAP’N tides and currents seemed pretty accurate, although I think the rest of the program is not so good.

Tides and currents pro with the lighthouse icon is the best works like a charm