Electronic navigation upgrade recommendations

we are upgrading our electronic navigation software from nobelltec odyssey (which we hate) to something else. we had the old nobeltec program and it was adequate for our needs but had some issues and we didn’t like the fact that you couldn’t just download free charts like a lot of others and the new odyssey program is a joke, so… we are upgrading our systems and i have been tasked with the job. i am looking for recommendations from everyone on what they use, like, don’t like, etc. we are a research vessel and travel globally and have to stay on station and mark drop and pickup points and what have you. not just a dock to dock kind of thing, but we also need that of course. thank you for any information you can give me.




Ditto Rose Point. We use Rose Point ECS aboard our vessel, and I have Rose Point Coastal Explorer for personal use/voyage planning at home. Semi-automatic free chart updates (US, anyhow), lots of NMEA instrumentation options. Reliable, stable, no complaints.

Ill jump on the band wagon here. Rosepoint. We also use it on Our vessels. Ease of use A+. Issues, few. World wide application. Charts mostly accurate. Easy weekly downloads of corrected charts. I also use it at home.

Rose Point is very good. Its not perfect but they are constantly improving and working with there users to make it better. We used to use Max Sea and rose point has a much easier interface. I have a personal copy of coastal explorer which is there less commercial version. I use it as a back up and for some delivery trips. It is great.

yes!!! :+1::smiley::+1:

Rosepoint and as an emergency back-up, Open CPN.

Yeah, what everyone else said. Rosepoint is pretty awesome. You can choose raster charts or electronic charts. Weekly updates are convenient as well.

We had Maxsea and now use Rosepoint, Rosepoint is much more user friendly but is missing a lot features that Maxsea had. Rosepoint doesn’t interface with the radar while Maxsea does. That would allow me to put a radar overlay on the plotter in poor visibility and it would also plot any selected targets on the plotter and the radar. I miss those features the most on Rosepoint.
That being said it is much easier to correct the charts on Rosepoint.

I’m going to try out gpsnavx with the new macbook pro. Its the only one thats mac compatible. We’ll see how it does.

Thanks for the replies! It seems that the general consensus is Rose Point. I’ll go to their website and check them out. Thanks again.

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