Nav Programs

Hello Friends…

I was just hoping maybe somebody could recommend a backup Navigation Program or App. I have a Surface Pro 4 that I usually take with me to work. I work on the Columbia River and its tributaries. This is only a backup and mainly something to mess around with so Id like to stay on the cheap. We run rosepoint currently on the boats and its great…im just wondering if I can have a cheap usefull backup since I already have the computer/tablet. I believe I can run either a program or an app…as my device (surface pro 4) can toggle between computer and tablet. Im a little ruff on my computer tech skills so bear with me. I see many apps are even free. Our boats are wired with what what we call a pilot port so I think I can tap into the vessels gps and gyro signal, yes? My computer does have its own gps but I would like to have a swing meter (rate of turn) indicator, or will I have that regardless? I think the AIS can also be had from this port? Can anybody advise? Are the apps more of a novelty or are they actually pretty good? I see they range from free on up…Thanks.

seaIQ fits my bill.

iSailor on Apple Store for navigation/charts. The app is free but the charts can get very expensive if you go all over the world. I use it.

Thanks for the suggestions guys…ill check em out but my device is android…not sure if they’ll work bit I’ll look into an android version. Thanks