My experience MAXSEA vs ROSEPOINT

Hi everybody.

Being using NOBELTEC - VNS and ADMIRAL - I recently upgraded to TZ.
It has always been a struggle adding GPS and sounders and so on on these products.

Now with the latest TZ I can not get TZ to find the GPS! Impossible!

Support tries but I been battling this GPS issue for many days and nights now - and time is money.
I installed ROSEPOINT and it detected the GPS in just minutes! WOW!

There will probably be a refund on TZ - and then switching to ROSEPOINT.
Reading here it seems as ROSEPOINT is a very good choice.

I want a mashup of both. I haven’t used Time Zero as we moved to Rosepoint then. There are some little things about Maxsea that I preferred but they weren’t deal breakers.

Yes - the 3D elevation is nice in TZ but overall it looks like ROSEPOINT is more dependable.
As I wrote- I have spend so much time getting GPS and sounders to be working in NOBELTEC:s products.
Valuable time ROSEPOINT would have saved for me.

Be interesting to hear what MAXSEA support says about that their competitor ROSEPONT found the GPS directly and not their own product.

Rosepoint Coastal Explorer and Nobeltec Time Zero are both very good and inexpensive programs that generally work very well. There are some things that I prefer, and some that I don’t, about both programs. The recreational versions are very reasonable priced and are found on many tugboats. I’ve used the commercial version of Rosepoint; it’s better. I have use older commercial versions of Nobeltec, but not the new commercial version of Time Zero.

For commercial fishing, the fishing version of Time Zero is superior to Rosepoint, and anything else , except the Norwegian OLEX. There are a lot more layers of different types in Fishing version of Time Zero. Fishing Time Zero is also superior for navigation and building repeatable routes and no go areas in uncharted, or inadequately charted waters.

Nobeltec has more detailed charts for some areas of Mexico. Better than official paper charts, and better than Rosepoint.

I find it very helpful to have an expert install these programs in the computers and resolve any connectivity issues.

A weak point with all the programs are the serial port to USB adapter plugs. Those things contain little computers that need special driver software that is properly configured. They also have a high failure rate over time.

One of the big mistakes some companies make is using old computers. Another big mistake is trying to use the navigation computer to also run Microsoft Office and email. It’s a bad idea to attempt to drive a 2017 software program installed in a 2010 computer connected to a 1995 GPS. All equipment should be from the same technological era. Nothing should be over five years old. To be reliable, navigation programs need their own dedicated computers.