Rose Point and Windows 11

Is anyone else having Driver Installer problems when using Rose Point and Windows 11?
Before buying Coastal Explorer I called customer service and they assured me Rose Point works fine with Windows 11. But each time I open program I have to use Prolific to get computer to recognize my GPS. Several phone calls to customer service and still they have no solution. The tech I spoke to said there were still some issue with Windows 11 that Rose Point needed to address. Anyone?

this may help

Dude you need to at least give new windows releases 2 years or you run into shit like this. All you had to do is go to YouTube and type in windows 11 and see all the fucked up shit going on in it

You are not a computer nerd

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Prolific chips and Rose Point don’t get along well.
FTDI chips or Tripplite adapters work the best