Apple I phone applications?

I’ve looked back threw the posts but cant seem to find the answer to this… Doesn’t the apple i phone have some natical applications such as nautical calculator and such? If so what apps do they have and where do you find them? Also can you conect to the web on a normal PC from an i phone? Thanks in advance!

Not yet, but rumor has it there is one in development.

Rumor also has it you’ll be able to tether an iPhone to your computer with the upcoming version 3 of the iPhone software. As present you can’t.

No - there are some tide applications, and I’ve heard that there’s a chart application, but we had tried John to get somebody to create an application, and they were going to, but I think the guy dropped the project.

Thanks guys, I knew that I had seen something on here about it. Maybe something will come along.

I know there’s a app that plots your position on NOAA Charts, from what I hear though it runs $40+

Re: apps for laptop

NOOA has US tides and currents online free…Nobeltec is the best @ $130us.

Diginav or Cruising Sevices all the current NOAA charts + Seaclear on disc for under $20 including shipping…Seasclear is bare bones software but provides all I need…I buy new at least 2 times a year…both are good guys to talk to…they can get you admiralty charts as well…Nobeltec Admiral best but way too pricey for my taste.

As far as tethering a cell phone…I’ve been doing this for quite a few years now…Technology was slow in the beginning but much better now w/ 3g evdo but still slow on a digital signal…Alltel charges me $25 p/m for unlimited access …costs much less than my crew’s air cards.