Tidal Currents

Does NOAA only publish Tidal Current Prediction Tables for the United States East and West Coast? I was under the impression that they published them for the world. Being ashore at the moment I can only research online and it seems like they only publish the two.


Testing out an issue on the db.

As before, I only see tidal CURRENT tables for East Coast, West Coast, and New York Harbor/Chesapeake Bay. All the other publications on that page for the world are solely tide tables with high and low water predictions.

Look again Jerry, the Pink book includes parts of Asia…

“2010 Pacific Coast of North America and Asia Current Tables informs the reader on the expected behaviors of the oceans along the West Coast of the Canada, the United States, and Mexico, as well as the eastern coast of China, Japan, and other Asian coastlines, and its waves through charts, graphs, and informative writing. Topics include daily predicted times of slack water and predicted times and velocities of maximum current (flood and ebb), the speed of a current at times between slack water and maximum current, and the duration of weak current near the time of slack water. This book is published as one part in a set of two volumes, along with Atlantic Coast Tidal Current Tables”

British Admiralty has a more through coverage worldwide and other countries produce their own pubs as well.

Right you are Jeff, my problem was coming in the obscurity of the subordinate stations they have listed in table 2 for Asia. I was looking for Tokyo Wan, Sasebo, Ulsan S. Korea, Yosu S. Korea etc. There is only one listing for Tokyo Wan, and none for the others I was looking for. The one Tokyo Wan listing will have to suffice. Thanks to everyone for helping me out.