Three more indicted in "Fat Leonard" affair

GODDAMNED MOTHER FUCKING NAVEE…how deep does this corruption run? It appears the whole FUCKING Pacific Fleet was in on this hideous crime against the US taxpaying citizens

do the scandals ever end with our “highly respected” war fighters? NO WHERE I CAN SEE!

Good thing Fat Leanord was just into money and hookers. If he had wanted to do some real damage, he could have basically owned the Navy outright.

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I mean everytime there is another round of indictments in this sordid affair there is another round of stories of pretty much every one of the seven deadly sins being display by our grandiose Navee brass! Now we are finding petty officers in the list of those implicated! I wonder if they were in the same orgies as the officers or if they had a separate non-comm party room with the 2nd string hookers? where does it end with this corruption…or does it and you have to wonder if there was even one lone ensign who said “this is not right”? I have long believed that the average career “warrior” (doesn’t matter which service) is not staying in for duty and to serve but to collect every possible perk they can without shame.

what a miserable stinking cesspool the US Armed Forces has become!

If you think these UEMF types are crooked when in uniform just wait until they get out of uniform and go to work for defense contractors. The civilian crooks don’t even have to be worried about prosecution. When was the last time you heard of a defense contractor executive being sent to jail for fleecing the taxpayers? These guys were just greedy dumb-asses with too much vitamin V.

I guess I’m a terrible person or spent too much time in 3rd world ports because I don’t see anything too awefull about all of this. Sure, “Fat Leonard” was a military contractor but from the article it sounded like he was contracted as the ships chandler suppplying fuel, food, launch services, tugs etc. The ship chandler is supposed to give the crew a case of beer & gifts every once in a while & get prostitutes for the ones in charge in my opinion? Thats what ship chandlers do, thats why the charge so much for everything! I worked with one Captain who didn’t accept a few bottles of whiskey from a chandler & we still had to pay skyhigh prices for everything so whats the big deal? The taxpayers are going to get screwed by ships chandlers regardless if the captains get laid or not. I bet one of the reasons that Fat Leonard guy spent so much money on booze, food & prostitutes with these military guys is because he was right smack in the middle of it partying his tail off. Fat Leonard probably has a wife & kids just like everyone else & was using this “dining the customer” routine to have an excuse for the misses to get out of the house, secretly whore it up & have a tax right off to boot.

Too bad for them they got caught. Things are getting tougher everyday.I

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Sand, you should probably read up on the case before commenting on it. This wasn’t just a matter of giving a case of beer to the crew etc. This is a huge wide-ranging scandal and people are going to prison for it.

He got Navy officers to give him ship’s schedules which is classified info and that is just for starters. He wined and dined these fools in five star hotels, paid their kids private school tuition, paid off their rent and credit cards, etc and still made out 30 Million plus over and above what he should have charged for these goods and services. He was a crook and he counted on easily corrupted Navy officers and enlisted to help him loot US coffers. No pity for fools from me. Fat Leonard is rotting in prison and he is going to be joined by others.

Google Fat Leonard and you’ll see what I mean.


Well said, sir.

Okay, the guy paid his kickbacks & cleared a $30 million dollar profit. But how much was the overall contract? It is safe to assume ship chandlers can charge anywhere between a 30%-100% markup for services. The last ship chandler that I dealt with would have bought me a unicorn & a hot air balloon to fly the unicorn around in if I asked him to, if he was going to make a $30 million profit. The deal is, the chandler would make the $30 million with or without the kickbacks because all foreign ship chandlers charge exorbitant markups. I think it was a good sign that he was getting the competitors bids because he was probably undercutting them & only charging 25%-95% markups instead of the normal 30%-100%.

Just for the record, all I ever get from ships chandlers is logo’ed calenders with pictures of nudy women, pens, cheap flashlights & lousy keychains. I know I should have joined the navy! And yes, every ship chandler that I ever met wanted to know when we were coming back & when my company was sending more vessels to his port(s). Its the way ships chandlers work all over the world.

His activity was a lot more than Ship Chandling. His Glenn Marine Group was a major operation spanning most of Asia and serving not only the US Navy:

He owned and operated a fleet of vessels, from tugs to bunker tankers, supply vessels and crew boats.
Here is one of the Crew boats used to ferry crews to/from ships at anchor:

He also owned a landing ship, the ex. British RNA Sir Lancelot for a while.
Seen here at his yard in Singapore in 2012:

BTW: My Father-in-Law was Captain on this one back in the 1960’s.

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when a mid size US vessel comes into Singapore they use the British dock but Fat Leonard would rent the dock from the brits then triple the price and charge the US taxpayer
nice business if you can get it.
I met an NCIS guy here a while back, I wonder which side he was on?

Which “British dock” are you taking about??
I you are referring to Sembawang Port, it was British until 1971, but have belonged to PSA ever since.

Yes thats it, I assume the Brits have a long lease on the east most dock as the buildings are all operated by them.
Indian, Australian, American and NZ navy rent them from the brits when in town

Sembawang shipyard is an interesting place. Don’t know if it is still operating but there was a traveling crane built by the Brits before WWII still working there 12 years ago. There were what appeared to be over 1000 Bangladesh guys living on starvation wages working there. The poor guys would fill plastic bags they found in the garbage with water so they had water with them as they worked. Meanwhile native born Singaporeans couldn’t find decent paying jobs without a really good university education or political connections. I like Singapore even with its faults but most of my friends from there says their children and grandchildren are looking for a future outside of Singapore.

There are two sides to the Port of Sembawang, The commercial side, called Sembawang Wharfs and Sembawang Naval Base on the other side, which used to be part of the British Naval Base and Dockyard (Now Sembawang Shipyard):

The US Navy rent space at SNB and have their Logistics Base there:

I have been in and out of Sembawang and other Singapore Shipyards since the earliest 1970’s and have never seen these starving workers filling plastic bags to get drinking water.
Maybe you have some proof of your brief observations from a visit there some 12 years ago?

Did you by any chance notice that many of the Foremen, Engineers, Technicians and skilled workers were also Bengalies and Indians?

They may not be the best paid workers in the world, but they are not treated like slaves either.
Actually, many of those workers who are able and willing gets training and education paid by the yard and become skilled tradesmen.

Many foreign workers go home after 4-6 years in Singapore and open their own business with their new skills and the money saved up while working in Singapore.
That may be better “foreign aid” than throwing money at corrupt politicians and bureaucrats in developing countries to buy their allegiance.

PS> OSV C.Champion alongside at Sembawang Naval Base Jan. 2015:

when the rig I worked on was being built at KFells, the crew ( who joined during the build) were gobsmacked that 1000’s lived under cardboard at the yard

Fat Leonard rented staff and equipment from the Brits to service the US ships so I dont know what kind of base the US have there, hence my comment its British and everyone else is a vistor

This kind of base:

And this:

How can you live in Singapore and still depend on others to tell you about things that happen there?? Have you been to any of the many shipyards lately??

“Living under cardboard” is not something I have seen at any shipyard in Singapore, nor is it allowed. Most foreign workers you see at shipyards are living in large Dorms like this one:

A law passed in 2015 tightened up on the control of conditions at the dorms:

PS> Some sub-contractors MAY be less concerned about their workers though.

Sure i have not seen it but with so many crew telling me about it , it was happening then.
Foreign workers still get treated like dirt and multiple offenders get a slap on the risk and $1000 fine.
Our sailing club was caught with the cleaning staff living in the concrete building that should have had the rubbish bins in it, that one I did see.
Yes there are lots of large dorms and several new ones

I see the pay hasn’t changed much. $18SG/day and $3/hr overtime. 12 years ago they told they were making $27SG a day. They were glad to have a job but to hold Singapore’s system as an example for others to follow?