‘I Had The US Navy By The B*lls’ Says Fat Leonard In New Podcast Series

This should be good.
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So…that photo doesn’t have ONE USN person in it and that’s NOT a USN ship.


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Low an behold a few years ago, at a bbq chatting and a guy says he works for NCIS, so I say intersting, any need for that in Singapore he said yes as we spend lots of money here…
I wonder which side he was on?

Was that Special Agent Leroy Jethro Gibbs?

no he was a little shorter

Well, If you find a photo of Fat Leo aboard of U.S. Navy ship that’s in the public romain then please send it to me and I will correct the post :roll_eyes:

The picture was taken on the Glenn Braveheart. A landing craft vessel originally the Sir Lancelot before going under different names, governments and owners.


What’s the big deal? Bribery. Prostitution. Special treatment. The horror!

I thought this was a forum for mariners; you know, people who are well acquainted with gifting pilots boxes of cigarettes, seeing the master hand over a paper bag of money to the pilot’s assistant, handing over gifts from the port authority to the master who hands these out to the officers, the crew running ashore to buy drinks for girls (and boys) a third of their age. Oh, the horror.

You know what else is horrifying? The grass. Its green! And the sky. It’s blue! Oh the humanity!

I hope the podcast has sordid and graphic details so it’s at least interesting.


Let me be clear. The USN still, to this day, pays a premium for port services. Call it what you will - unscheduled changes, short term changes, one time services, security, secrecy, non-standard service. The fact is the legitimate costs charged to the Navy are exorbitant. It is simply a bribe writ large.

We pay these service fees to everyone. We pay them to our friends. (Why do you think they are our friends?) As someone once said, “Loyalty isn’t bought, it’s rented.”

The only problem with the Fat Leonard scandal was the leaking of the unseemly parts. The other part about the money - the cost to rent our friends - still goes on today and will never end. Therefore, the only interesting part of the podcast will be if it has graphic details about sex and parties. But I doubt it. Not in today’s day and age.


The big deal was many of your USN top level staff committed treason and gave away ship positions.
I wonder if they were/are doing that today for the enemy with the same payment terms?

Sir Lancelot in British India management and colours until 1971:

PS> My Father in Law, Capt. A.J.Walker, was Master on her for several years in the 1960s. He turned 96 in Aug. this year. Still going strong and still living in Singapore.

In RFA management and colours from 1971 - 1989:

As Gambling ship Lowland Lancer in Cape Town, 1990-92:

Belonged to the Singapore Navy as RSS Perseverance, 1994 - 2003:

As Glenn Braveheart:

Own picture taken at Glenn base, Pandan, Singapore, 2006.



I think the message is the hypocrisy of the USA. The corruption via the USA has been for many years no better than “banana republics” and the oligarchies of Russia, Mexico, Brazil and China which the USA likes to criticize. Fat Leonard just tells a tale of an inconvenient truth that will never be publicized in detail by CNN, CBS, Fox, Newsmax or any other “mainstream” media.It doesn’t take a genius to figure out why.


Ok…just to keep things honest here…I went to the WAPO website, typed “Fat Leonard” into the search engine, and came up with over 50 news stories, opinion, and analysis pieces on the scandal since it broke. So to say no mainstream media is covering the scandal is stretching a point…That being said, NYT has only two stories in that same time span.

Just saying…

Most people don’t read newspapers.

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The excessive contracts continue to this day. A little sea story for you that happened after the Fat Leonard scandal hit.

A big ship wanted to anchor out. They wanted a real fancy tender to ferry them to shore. (The tender had such amenities as a coffee bar.) The tender required a very big breasting barge. The breasting barge cost more than $700,000 for ten days. Navy was cool with it. Barge was brought alongside. For reasons the CIVMARs could have explained to the Navy beforehand if the Navy had bothered to ask us… the barge wouldn’t work. So they sent it away and got small tenders on a new RFP. I didn’t see what that cost but they were very upset. No coffee bar on the way to shore!

Before you think this was a one-off, I got more sea-stories. Other CIVMARs have theirs, too. Lots of this kind of shit going on to this day. Hey, what would you pay for an expresso machine for your boat? $12,000 sound about right?


Good to see they are drinking decent coffee.:grin::grin:
Know a guy with a horse truck. Room for six horses in the back with an RV section on the front it cost about $550,000 to custom manufacture and has the same brand of espresso machine.

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