Fat Leonard case

Another low hanging fruit gets plucked in the Fat Leonard case:

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Good! This kind of corruption should be a high priority with everyone. Kickbacks, bribes and extra benefits discourages honest competition and reduces quality.

We are talking about the US Navy. What are they producing, who are their competition and how do you define the quality of their “products”??

I cant believe so many US Navy high ranking staff seemed to not give a sh1t about security and gave away lots of information just to get a nice hooker in asia and a watch.
I guess that explains the quality of the navy management and gee look at the accidents where they were unable to manage or even drive a boat.

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Hey! The Navy buys stuff. Can you imagine the treasures parked in some buyer’s driveway as incentive to buy a certain product at a certain inflated price to cover the cost of the “gift?”

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Yes there is that.
Unfortunately it is nothing new, or limited to the US Navy.