Things that go bump in the night

If you’re sailing off the US east coast and you see a contraption that looks like a surfboard with an antenna, it’s not lost:

NC - VA - MD - DE - NJ – Offshore Wave Glider:
ThayerMahan, Inc. autonomous, unmanned maritime vehicle (Wave Glider-WG) will be transiting from approximately 100 NM East of Port Canaveral, FL to about 100 NM East of Cape May, NJ. The transit will commence on or about 27 May, 2020 and is expected to terminate on or about 27 August, 2020. 24/7 operations consist of scientific ocean data collection. The Wave Glider carries no fuel, lubricants or hydrocarbons. It is wave powered and remotely attended from the ThayerMahan Operations Center, moving at speeds of about 1kt, and is designed to automatically give way if encountered by a vessel transmitting AIS. It is approximately 6.5’ x 2’ (surfboard size), copper in color, with a contact plaque and mast extending 3’ above the water surface. Mariners are requested to transit the area with caution. For more details, contact the ThayerMahan Operations center at 860-969-3171. Charts:12200 12300 (5th District LNM Week 20/20)


Somebody please sink it.

robot dog

It would be a lot cooler with one of these riding on top…

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