Hovercraft makes unexpected landing on Hampton Beach in New Hampshire


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A hovercraft has resumed its journey from Massachusetts to Canada after making an unscheduled stop on a New Hampshire beach.

Hampton Police Chief Alex Reno said the hovercraft was on its way to Nova Scotia from Cape Cod when the vessel wound up with a three-foot tear in its skirt and had to “beach itself” on Hampton Beach Saturday afternoon.


The vessel is a decommissioned Canadian Coast Guard Vessel that is now owned by Gino Leblanc, who uses it for underwater construction.

Leblanc was traveling in the hovercraft with several crew members when they realized there was a rip in the vessel’s skirt. Concerned for the safety of the crew and the hovercraft, Leblanc and his team made the decision to move toward shore.

“Because of the storm, we’ve been kind of caught in the storm. We got skirt damage, so we showed up here,” Leblanc said.

Hampton Beach is normally busy on a Saturday afternoon in June but due to the inclement weather, it was largely empty.

The vessel created quite the spectacle for beachgoers, who eagerly came to speak with the crew and get a close-up look at the hovercraft.


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“How often do you get to see a hovercraft at Hampton Beach? Even if it’s raining, it’s cool,” said Paula Rowley.

In hopes of sharing a piece of New England with the visiting Canadians, Rowley and two of her friends brought the crew lobster rolls.

“Pay it forward, they’ve had a bad day! Why not?” Rowley said.

“We land up here realizing that we’re on Main Street, I guess,” Leblanc said.

Although police said they were not shocked to receive the call about the hovercraft, they did note that there were some concerns among environmentalists about the proximity to the piping plover nests.

“To my knowledge, there’s been no issues yet, but once they fix what needs to get fixed on the vessel, we’ll have to take a good look to see how that’s going to affect the piping plovers,” said Hampton police Capt. Anthony Azarian.

Hampton police said no one among the crew, or anyone on shore, was injured during the unscheduled landing on the beach.

The hovercraft left Hampton Beach Sunday morning after it had been fully repaired.

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