The Ultimate Pirate Ship Tree House - Ordered To Be Destroyed

<img alt="" style=“width: 500px; height: 450px;” src="]<br><br>This is the coolest tree house I’ve ever seen. I can’t believe the city is making the guy tear it down all because it “blocks one neighbors view”.<br><br>

That’s awesome! <br><br>My first reaction was; poor kids. But to have a father who spends $3000 and months of his time to build something that awesome for his kids… then spends more time/money to take it down properly so it can be sold at an auction for charity. That’s a dad any kid is lucky to have!!

…a class act, all the way around! And at the same time, a valuable lesson in life for two young men with an extraordinary dad!<br><br>The story’s not over either. I wonder how well the auction is going to do next month? If we had half a sack we’d pool together and buy it just to make a point to the old bat!<br><br>It’s a matter of Admiralty, and the unspoken law of the high seas…one mariner comes to the aid of another…