The Truth About Bottled Water

On One Tug that worked on in the late 90’s, the Chief Mate insisted on having Bottled Water to drink. Well, we had an AB/T that was a smartass. I caught him refilling the “Bottled” water from a garden hose and actually helped him perfect gluing the caps back on so the top “Snapped” when opened. This went on for about 2 months (with the Captain knowing all about it) before the Chief Mate caught on.

So, with that said watch this video from Penn and Teller, I hope you enjoy it as I sure did.

You’re more then welcome to drink water from the tanks of an OSV’s that over 10 years old, just don’t complain when you spend all day on the can…

True story, dispatcher calls up and asks when was the last time we had our water tanks tested. This was a first for me but I replied I don’t know while trying to figure out where this was heading. The dispatcher comes back and says that the rig, a rig BTW that was built in 1980 and I’m sure has never had it’s tanks cleaned, was asking because they apparently had a cook that was cooking with the rig’s pot water. The calls that came in over the radio from other boats, about five of them in all, stating that you don’t drink the water that comes out of the tanks. I finished it off by saying I don’t cook or drink with our own pot water so it might not be a good idea for the rig too either.

That said at the house I drink tap water and constantly make fun of my wife who won’t because she complains about the taste she has made up in her head. Lord help us when we run out of bottle water, but you know what they say about a happy wife so I just now get a case any time I run into the grocery store.