Looking for help on Potable Water story

We got a call from a guy on one of the rig’s drilling the relief wells. He is really concerned because BP stopped sending shipments of potwater and they have been told to turn on their watermakers. With the chemical dispersants being released right under their rigs the seachests are sucking up this stuff right into their pot water tanks. He claims guys are already starting to feel nauseous.

A reporter from the NYTimes is working on the story but wants to talk to someone that’s on (or recently got off) one of these rigs (DDII, DDIII, Enterprise or Q4000). Your phone call will be 100% confidential. If you can help please call me at 805-456-8644 or send me an email: admin @ gcaptain.com

Hopefully we can push BP to restart pot water deliveries to these guys.

(Also if any workboat captains out there know why BP can’t get water out please call me or post the reason below).

I work on one the supply boats servicing the DD3. We pump 5000bbl potable to them every trip. And we’re not the only one.

I’d be surprised, shocked actually, that they were not doing the right thing, all 4 chiefs are from the motherland on the dd2 and 3, and very very competent and resourceful. They would do what I would do, and that is make drillwater and use it for laundry, technical services (bop) maybe showers, and save the good stuff for the galley and coffee maker…

Split the system esssentially.

So, I would run the watermaker, just not drink the water from it.

these rigs use about 55 gal/man-day, and how much of that do you drink? Maybe a gallon?

Not interested in speaking with anyone from the communist times. Their reporting so far on this incident is atrocious.

Sadly, the facts are all online (much in this sight actually), but the news media skip right over them, for the big oil story, that is all BS>

We received @ 15000 gals for our OSRV 4 days ago.