New York Shut Down

Dinner, and excursion boats have been shut down by the USCG, until further notice.

My own tug is still running but we may be forced to shut down if we cannot purchase bottled water and toilet paper.

Anyone have anything else to report?

We aren’t carrying any passengers for a month; this is to protect the crew so that we can still maintain a lifeline freight service to the Islanders who would have to go back to eating seaweed if we didn’t show.up.
Or each other.


Luckily, like most, my relief is a hoarder so we already had a nest egg of paper products. That doesn’t concern me so much. We have plenty of wiping rags!
Water is the issue, but we went shopping the other day and were able to get some… not the amount we normally get, but some.

Doesn’t NYC have a superb tap water system? Our water system here in Providence boasts of having the second best tap water in the country, and I had the idea that NYC was maybe the best. In any case it ought to be good enough. And I’m paying three dollars and change per hundred cubic feet.

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It’s not usually an issue of how clean the water going in is, it’s a matter of how clean the boat’s tanks are.

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I freely drink the NY tap water. Especially I filter it through some coffee grounds first. Seltzer is a good option that most of my crew already prefers. I’m due on in NY this week and do have some concerns about doing a big grub shop.

Couple 200 liter drums and some PBW or similar?

When I was at Reinauer tears ago it was part of my job to refill all of the water jugs at the yard. We mostly used that water for coffee, but it was certainly drinkable.

I supposed we could buy a supply a gallon jugs and start doing this. But we would have to solve the dirty ass problem as well.

How about Brita pitchers? I’ve poured some pretty orange water into a Brita and had it come out clean and tasting pretty good. I’m sure they’ll be the next thing to disappear from the shelves…if they haven’t already.

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The younger deckhand and mate I’m with onboard shit like pigeon’s, this is going to be interesting if we cant get an TP :joy: All of our water is brought on crew change, tanks are so rough we dont generally cook with it and never the coffee.
Fun fact but the start of NYC’s watershed is the 5 acre pond in my back yard, DEP owns 35% of this town strictly for watershed land, average septic system here is 25-40k bucks because the standards are so much higher.

It’s going to be toilet plungers and snakes. To clear out that stuff that’s going to be flushed because no one can get TP.


Maybe you can convince the company to invest in a Bidet.

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Salt water?

LMAO folks

That agonizing wail you just heard was every engineer snaking out a line stuffed with shop rags

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Most boats already have 'em


Straight stream or high velocity fog? Either way. It’s gonna be rough…

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You crack me up catherder. You strike me as a good engineer and shipmate. Believe me, I know the difference.


Where I work, you need a sense of humor.

Well, that goes for most companies that I have sailed for, but I do get your point. . . . .