Ferry info

I realize that most of the people on this site are serious blue water sailors, and power to you too! however, I think that my days for that kind of work are over, so I’m wondering if anyone has infromation on any of the East Coast ferries? like the cape may - lewes, long island sound etc.

i have been looking into the North Carolina system (which is where I live), but this system can be rather political. and, the state is caught between the need to meet increasing USCG regs, and state budget shortfalls.

tips on getting a job mainly, and salery ranges, contacts etc. would be very greatly apreciated!!!


Not sure what credentials you have, but NYC will begin taking applications for Oilers for the Staten Island Ferry in February. You have to take a civil service exam. You apply through the Department of City Wide Administration Services. If you pass written and practical tests, you will be given a list number, and if that number is low enough will be called as they work their way down the list to your number (usually a couple of years before you get a call). Go to www.nyc.gov/examsforjobs on February 2nd, click on “view exams open this month”, you should be able to navigate the site through there.

Other then that in NYC/NJ I know of New York Waterway, Circle Line, NY WaterTaxi, etc. All are under Local 333 and from what I understand the pay is pretty pathetic.

The ferry company I work for just laid off a bunch of guys, otherwise I’d tell you to try over there.

Don’t know much about any other ferry companies down the east coast.

Thanks Alex13,

I have deck licenses, 100ton master nc, 500 ton mate nc, ab unlimited any waters lifeboatman.

I looked at the current NYC postings and the engineers are unlimited hp, so I’m guessing that these are unl tonage too… when do they test for ab? I will watch the nyc site in any case.

who did/do you work for?

I think they tested for deckhands/AB’s about 6 months ago, so it’s going to be a few years before they open it up again.

wow… every few years??? oh well.

Yea, alot of people take the civil service tests. I’m currently number 316 on the Train Operator list for the MTA, but I believe the list is around 10,000 people long. Took the test in June 2009, and probably won’t get called until 2013. The lists are usually active for around 4 years (or until the organization decides to deactivate it). You can imagine how long it takes to get through lists thousands of people long. All depends on retirements and hiring needs.

It’s not east coast but Galveston Ferries use contract AB’s and the pay is decent. I am not sure if they need anybody right now but anyone interested can call Tom Brown at Recana Solutions in Galveston. You will have to be local for the work.

A deckhand I work with works part time for the Cape May - Lewes ferry and the pay is good but good luck getting in. He lives in Cape May and applied a few years before getting the call and was only offered part time work. There are a lot of part time seasonal employees there waiting to get the full time spots. The ferrys are unlimited tonnage…

yeah, the cape may ferry looks good for a ferry job. i also applied for a temp position.
also, i talked with someone there and they told me that their personel needs are stable, another sign that it is a good job!, and that because of the structure they operate under, work as a temp does not nessecarily garuntee at perminate job when a possition opens up.