The Shetland Bus operation in WWII

Here is one of the fishing boats used as a Shetland bus.
Now belonging to Sunnmøre Museum in Ålesund and maintained in good working condition by local volunteers:

Own photo.

One of the subchasers has been restored to former glory; KNM Hitra:

KNM Hitra

Formerly USN SC-718, is one of three submarine chasers that the Norwegian Navy received from the United States in 1943. A total of 878 such submarine chasers were built, and several allied countries used the boat type. In the Norwegian navy, they were used by the Shetland gang from the autumn of 1943. The captain of KNM “Hitra” was Ingvald Eidsheim. After the war, the KNM “Hitra” was put into service as a coast guard and coast guard until 1953 when she was laid up. In 1959 the ship was sold, but in 1981 was rediscovered half submerged in Sweden. A fundraiser to save her was started, and in 1983 the ship was raised and towed to Omas Båtbyggeri in Stord, Norway. On the day 42 years after the German capitulation in 1945 (8 May 1987), the newly restored ship was handed over to the Inspector General for the Navy.

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