KNM Helge Ingstad in collision with M/T Sola TS bis 1

So a Norwegian war ship KNM Helge Ingstad (HI) collided with a Malta registered tanker (fully loaded) M/T Sola TS (Sola) in Norwegian VTS waters last month and sank soon after. It was discussed here at gCaptain but then the link was closed = not to be discussed, so I create a new topic about it KNM Helge Ingstad in collision with M/T Sola TS bis 1.
It seems HI crew was confused. HI then turned port in front of Sola, there was a collision, HI was damaged and sank a little later. It happens all the time. The HI collision damages were 80% above waterline … as expected and was 80% in the deck house and superstructure. No big deal! But it is suggested that some damages were also below the main deck and damaged some HI watertight bulkheads. One way or other some damaged HI compartments were uploaded with seawater.

It is suggested that the HI aft generator room was up-flooded first = Black Out. HI was dead but floating. But later three undamaged compartments were progressively flood through openings in three alleged watertight HI bulkheads. It means that HI was not seaworthy! Watertight bulkheads must be watertight. If you go to sea with three watertight bulkheads not watertight, you should be put in prison 50 years.
For the moment nobody is put in any prison anywhere. The topic is under investigation at Norway so we have to avait developments.

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