The RS "Det Norske Veritas" damaged during rescue operation

During a rescue operation in Lofoten 26.Jan. 2024 the SAR vessel RS “Det Norske Veritas” ended up running aground herself.
She was rescued by RS “Sundt Flyer” and towed to Stamsund, but badly damaged:

“Det Norske Veritas” was damaged during the rescue operation on Friday and took on water. The situation is now under control. PHOTO: KENNETH GRAV

Last night the RS “Det Norske Veritas” was loaded onboard the coaster “Oddrun With” for transport to the yard where she was built in 2003, Båtservice in Mandal:

All photos: via the Redningsselskapet (NSSR)
Source: Skipsulykker | Page 96 | Norsk Skipsfarts Forum